Calvanese Charity Golf Tournament 

“Let’s have a golf tournament,” suggested Anthony L. Urillo, CEO of the Step Saver,
to his business associate Joseph LaPlume, then President of the former Bank of Southington. “Great idea,” came the reply. Soon it was learned that another business associate of the bank, Joseph Calvanese, Jr.

was also interested in running a golf tournament; The First Annual Southington
Charity Golf Tournament was born. The mission of the tournament was to
raise money for local charities. 

For the first two years the tournament kept the name Southington Charity Golf Tournament.  Prior to the third year Mr. Urillo suggested naming the event in honor of Kay Calvanese – in recognition of her personal commitment to local charities and causes. The event became The Kay Calvanese Memorial Charity Golf Tournament. When her husband died in 1994, it was decided it add his name as well to the fundraiser, to give it the current name of
The Joe and Kay Calvanese Memorial Charity Golf Tournament.   

Since its inception, the golf tournament has generated thousands of dollars in funds,
which have been donated locally through the Calvanese Charity Foundation. 
Until the retirement of Anthony Urillo; The Step Saver and The Observer had been instrumental in promoting the charity golf tournament and helping it to develop into
one of the most popular and profitable fundraising events in Southington.  Partnered
with the Aqua Turf Club, whose exceptional food, exemplary service and community generosity is well known; the event has grown each year.   

The event is now managed by a Tournament Committee comprised of members
from the Calvanese Foundation Board of Directors and staff of the Aqua Turf Club. 
Committee Members are Anthony J. Urillo, Kathy Reinhard, Alyssa Calvanese,
Kris Mach-Urillo and Debbie Porter.

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